NEW 1970-72 Camaro Rear Bumper Cushions NEW

Rear bumper cushions replace GM#s 3964038 (LH) and 3964040 (RH) used on all 1970 thru 1972 Camaros.  Cushions are sold in pairs, fit on upper ends of bumper and are captured between bumper edge and body to prevent damage to the body or paint when original bumper jacks are used to lift the rear of the vehicle.  Originals are typically hard (non-pliable) and misshapen from 40+ years expose to the elements…and often lost or misplaced or not reinstalled if the rear bumper was ever removed or replaced.  Until now, reproductions have been available for the 1973 rear bumpers, which very different in appearance and incorrect for 70-72 applications.  Made in the USA and molded using  synthetic Buna-N rubber that is pliable and UV resistant to ensure long life in the application.  The fit and appearance is very true to the OEM parts when applied to an OEM bumper, however 2ndGenZ makes no guarantee on fitment to aftermarket replacement bumpers.  These cushions are warranted for fit and appearance equal to OEM cushions.

These cushions are barely visible when installed and not essential, however they are correct and provide that nice finishing touch to any preserved or restored 70-72 Camaro.   Installation requires the removal of the bumper from the vehicle.           


RS-013        $30.00 / pr



70-72 Rear Bumper Cushions