1970-72 Manual Transmission Console Mounting Brackets.


(Front and Center Bracket Only)

1970-72 Camaro front and center console mounting brackets replicate factory originals for manual transmission equipped vehicles only. The front bracket clears the manual trans tunnel "hump" and the center bracket is taller to account for the lack of factory auto shifter plate.  Perfect for installing a console on an existing manual trans Camaro or completing the auto-to-manual transmission conversion by adding a console.  Includes only the center and front brackets.  Hardware, (5/16 NC bolts and nutserts), must be sourced elsewhere.  RS-010 are Made-in-USA.


Replaces Chevrolet PN 3975846 (front) and 3975848 (center).


Note:   The rear console mounting bracket is not included as it is common to all 70-72 Camaros with an auto or manual transmission application and reproductions are already available.             


RS-010        $43.00 / pr



70-72 Manual Trans Console Bracket pr.