About Us

2ndGenZ was born out of frustration with the high prices demanded for original parts during the restoration of my 1970 RS/Z28 and the poor quality and fit of many available reproductions. That frustration led to the creation of the stamped steel floor mounted gas pedal bracket exclusive to the 1970-71 Z28.  Originals are often rusted beyond recognition and its' complex form is difficult to fabricate using basic tools.  So accurate was the final product that we decided to permanently stamp it with a non-GM part number to help prevent it from being re-sold as an original GM component.


The success of that first part led to the creatoin of more components, each specifically chosen for the lack of reproductions and availability of original examples.  We are very proud of the end product quality, fit, finish and accuracy to the OEM parts.

Special Discounts available for NastyZ28 and PY Forums Members.  E:mail or call to ask for discount prices.