1970-71 Z28 Floor Mounted Gas Pedal

1970-71 Z28 Floor Mounted Gas Pedal Kit


Complete kit includes all parts needed to convert the standard "hanging" pedal style to the 70-71 Z28-only floor mounted gas pedal style.  Kit includes 1pc RS-001 floor bracket "cup", 1pc  RS-002 Throttle Rod, 1pc accelerator pedal, 2pc each ball studs, nuts and lockwashers and complete step-by-step installation instructions.  Can be used on any 1970-81 Camaro or Firebird.  RS-001 and RS-002 are Made in the USA.  Ball studs, hardware and plastic gas pedal are from unconfirmed origin.


RS-007        $155.00 / kit

70-71 Z28 floor Mounted Gas Pedal Kit